Milestones, Millstones, Miscellaneous Facts

Mike Mundy has spent much of the winter updating the Club’s statistics. As well as being online, there are folders containing all the information in the score box for reference. They include a season by season catalogue for all the teams and for every individual who has played B&D league cricket for BSCC. Amongst the details available are scorecards for every match ever played, individual batting, bowling, and fielding, along with league tables for all of these. If you’ve played league cricket then you are in there. Also, there is a folder which has the cumulative statistics from the inception of the Club up to and including last season (1992 to 2013).

From this latter category Mike has produced the famous document called “Milestones, Millstones and Miscellaneous Facts – updated 2013”. This details every player to have played B & D league cricket for the Club, and shows the date of their debut, their Club number (by appearance), and the total number of appearances. Alongside this is a list of milestones, millstones and miscellaneous facts, and these are based on the top ten from each category in the folder containing the cumulative tables. The ones you want to see (milestones) are in blue type and the ones you probably don’t want to see (millstones) are red type. There are also noteworthy facts included.

All of this information can of course, also be accessed from Play-cricket. The files will allow anyone to look up the answer to any question that might arise regarding Club or individual statistics. So, for example, if you want to know “What is the highest third wicket partnership in the 2nd XI” the answer will be available.  

Having looked at your own facts first, it may also be useful however to check on your friends and colleagues to see if they have anything worth teasing/talking about. This will then enable you to laugh/encourage your peers and colleagues.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Mike who will endeavour to check and clarify your point.

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